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101st Senate, 2013-2014

102nd Senate, 2014-2015

ASUH Budget

The "ASUH Budget" is drafted by the ASUH Treasurer and Committee on Finance, and is reviewed and approved by the ASUH General Senate. At the end of each fiscal year, the ASUH Treasurer creates a summary of the funds that were used that year, which is found below as "ASUH Fiscal Year Supplementary Materials."

The Budget is approved through the ASUH Legislative Process, through the form of a Senate Bill.

Click here to visit our page on the ASUH Legislative Process to learn about how Senate Bills become Senate Acts.

107th Senate, 2019-2020

106th Senate, 2018-2019

105th Senate, 2017-2018

104th Senate, 2016-2017

103rd Senate, 2015-2016

108th Senate, 2020-2021

109th Senate, 2021-2022

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