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4 points 

Objectives are well articulated and are clearly related to the field of study.

Project design is lucid, logical, and well written; Methods is clearly outlined and sufficient to meet the proposed objectives.

Budget is itemized and clearly laid out; proposed expenses are realistic and justified.

Timetable is clear, detailed, and properly outlined; project is feasibly completable within the allotted time.

3 points 

Objectives are clearly and adequately defined and are sufficiently relevant to the field of study.

Design is coherent but slightly disorganized; Methods is outlined and adequate to address the proposed objectives.

Budget is clear and itemized; however, the proposed expenses are unrealistic.

Timetable is clear and well outlined; however, it may be missing some key components or slightly unrealistic.

2 points 

Objectives are unclearly defined and are marginally significant to the relevant field of study.

Design is disordered and vague, methods are stated but don’t seem to meet the objectives.

Budget is not well itemized and details unclear in terms of what funding will be used for.

Timetable is unclear and not well organized; proposed progression and time table of project is unrealistic; details are vague.

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Thank you for your interest in the ASUH Research Award. This opportunity is available to all full-time, classified undergraduate students of UH Mānoa pursuing research projects and attending conferences. (Awards may be subject to state and federal applicable taxes. This may also affect your financial aid status and cost of attendance.)

As of 2015, funds can be awarded up to $1,500 per individual.

Are you part of a Research team?

 Each member of your team can apply for this scholarship and is eligible to receive up to $1,500.00 in funding for your project as long as that member fulfills the other requirements of this ASUH Research Award Scholarship. If each member of the team is applying for this scholarship, you are allowed to submit the same proposal. However, please provide a different budget list per member.

For further questions, please contact us at

Note: Past and present ASUH Senators, Executive Officers, Student Court Members and ASUH student employees are not eligible to receive these awards. Students who have received this award are not able to apply again.


APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 29, 2024 @ 11:59PM HST



Student seeking to apply for the ASUH Research Award:

  • Must be a full-time, undergraduate, classified student at UH Mānoa

  • Must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0

  • Must complete all required fields of the online application


Student applying for the ASUH Research Award:

  • Must submit a copy of their most recently completed semester's official transcript to the ASUH Office; Incoming freshman applicants must submit their official high school transcript. Transcripts should be requested as early as possible to ensure that they can be submitted on time with your application. We are now accepting unofficial transcripts. All transcripts should be mailed to:

Associated Students of the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa

2465 Campus Road

Campus Center Rm 211A

Honolulu, HI 96822

  • Must submit proposal and follow all Proposal Guidelines. ASUH will not fund personal items or stipends. If attending conference, specify date on timeline.

  • Must submit a Letter of Recommendation from your research advisor, who is a non-family member.

  • Your application must be submitted four weeks prior to your project and/or expenditures. Please be aware that any expenditures prior to the ASUH Research Interview may not be eligible for reimbursement.

  • After submission of application materials, the UAA committee will contact you to set up an mandatory interview



  • Letter of Recommendation can be overlooked upon request only due to extenuating circumstances. Please email two weeks prior to application deadline.

  • The UAA committee has discretion to fund all or part of any applications.

  • An applicant's GPA/transcript is a dependable indicator


  • If the research project is not required for credit in order to graduate, the award will be taxed. Please let the UAA Committee know if the research award is not a required research project. 

  • The research award will be taxed if it is...

    • volunteer work 

    • extracurricular activities 

    • personal reason

    • If you initially reach out to a professor and ask to help or start a research project,

  • The research award may not be taxed if the research project will count as credit in order to graduate. Must submit a course memo in order to prove the project is for graduation credits.  **UH procurement makes final decisions on taxation.

  • Course memo signed and dated from either Professors or Department Head must state that 

    • The research project is a required assignment/coursework for credit in order to graduate.


  • If I exceed the budget for one line item, can I use the money from another line item to compensate for it?

    • NO​

      • Allocated money within a line item cannot be used to compensate for another line item 

      • For example, if the research awardee was awarded $500 for cameras and $700 for tripods. The research awardee cannot use part of the $700 to help pay for cameras if they exceeded the $500 budget for it. 

  • Besides using email and mail, is there another way to submit documents?

    • YES​

      • You may use the UH File Drop services to submit digital documents​

  • If I don't have the receipt anymore, can I still get reimbursed?

    • NO​

      • If you do not have a receipt for your items, you will not be awarded.​

  • Can I purchase a computer if the SCR stated that I will receive funds for cameras?

    • NO​

      • You may purchase a different type of camera than the one stated in the SCR, but the amount awarded to you will not change.


  • Interviewing sessions for applicants will be announced soon.

  • An UAA member will contact you to schedule an interview.  This will be a 15-minute interview, consisting of a 5-minute maximum speech or presentation by you, the applicant, followed by a Q & A session posed by the committee. The use of visuals in your presentation is highly recommended. After the interview, you will be excused and later contacted with the committee's final decision. If accepted, the committee will submit a recommendation in favor of your funding your research award to the General Senate. The General Senate meetings are open for anyone to attend and it is strongly recommend that you attend this meeting in the event that a senate member has a question or concern regarding your application.


All applications and materials are accepted until February 29, 2024 @ 11:59PM HST

If awarded, you will be notified by email to pick up your award packet in person at the ASUH Office in order to receive a mandatory 15-minute briefing on required fiscal paperwork. 

*Students who have received this award are not eligible to apply again within the same academic school year*

Are you part of a Research team? Each member of your team can apply for this scholarship and is eligible to receive up to $1,500.00 in funding for your project as long as that member fulfills the other requirements of this ASUH Research Award Scholarship. If each member of the team is applying for this scholarship, you are allowed to submit the same proposal. However, please provide a different budget list per member. For further questions, please contact us at”




As of Fall 2014, all applications are electronic and all materials must be submitted by the deadline. Applications are processed by ASUH and reviewed by the Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) Committee within two - four weeks of the submission deadline. Students will be notified of the decision via email after UAA has made a set decision. A formal interview is part of the application process. The ASUH Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA) is responsible for the Research Awards and will conduct the interview. Upon submitting your application, you will need to sign up for a scheduled interview with the UAA Committee. Scheduling will be conducted by a member of the UAA Committee.


  1. Online Application - online application for the ASUH Research award

  2. Letter of Recommendation - to be filled out by an appropriate reference



Proposal Guidelines

Detailed proposals must be uploaded with the application in .docx format. The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Committee (UAA) regards the strength of your proposal as one of the key components of a successful application. Proposals:

  • Must be saved as single .docx file.

  • Must be no longer than two pages, single-spaced, 12-point font Times New Roman.

  • Must be reviewed and approved by your recommender.

  • Should utilize the ASUH Research Proposal Rubric as a resource to understand how proposals will be judged.

Note: UAA will evaluate budgets and may award lesser amounts than budgeted. UAA cannot fund times that have not been approved in the original budget.



  • In this section, research should highlight the issue that your proposal aims to address. In other words, explain what you plan to do. Abstract should be no more than 100 words.

Objective and Methods

  • Objectives should be clear and relevant to field, and include the methods by which you intend to meet your objectives. This gives you the opportunity to explain why your project is important, and how and where you plan to explore your proposal. Site specific studies that request travel funds must include justification of needs.

Task Timeline

  • A detailed timeline including tasks to be accomplished should be included. Explain when you plan to reach each of your objectives and complete your project. 

Biographical Sketch

  • A brief section of your academic background and accomplishments, the experiences and interests you have and why the proposed project is important to you. Explain how the proposed research relates to your academic or professional goals. This gives you the opportunity to tell the UAA Committee who you are and all considerations that should be taken into account.

Budget and Justifications

  • Include an itemized budge as a supplement that justifies your projected expenses. This should be presented in an easy-to-understand format. You are asking for funding, so make it comprehensive, concise, and organized. The budget must be a table with the following columns. 

    • Item number - for organization/understanding, group your items by categories. i.e. travel, supplies, etc. 

    • Item description - i.e. chemicals, supplies, materials, postage, software, etc. 

    • Unit Price

    • Quantity

    • Item Cost

    • Justifications - be as specific as possible, as times may be selectively awarded. 

Reference Section

  • List books, articles, or other sources relevant to the background and significance of the project. Please cite sources central to the project showing completion of critical background research. Works/references cited are not included in the two-page limit for proposals.

Proposal Rubric


  • The Research Award Proposal is scored based on this rubric.

  • NOTE: All scores will be divided by 4 to create a score on a 4.0 scale, and then combined with GPA and Letter of Recommendation values. All components must be included for consideration.







1 point

Objectives are poorly defined and have no significance to a relevant field of study.

Design is poorly written and incoherent; methods are inadequate to meet the proposed objectives.

The budget is vague and unorganized and doesn’t justify the projected expenses.

The timetable fails to properly outline a progression of the project, providing only minimal to no details.


Fiscal Procedures


ASUH will only fund applicants via reimbursement. If the UAA Committee rewards you a Research Award, a reimbursement packet will be required for each individual/organization. The reimbursement documents required include:


    1. A form requesting reimbursement for money that was spent on goods related to the Senate Act allocation.

  2. WH-1 TAX FORM or W-9 TAX FORM

    1. The WH-1 is to be filled out by individuals who are seeking reimbursement. Please note that we do not allow dorm addresses. The W-9 is to be filled out if it is an organization seeking reimbursement.


    1. Please list any and all relevant costs incurred for your reimbursement on the receipt log and support it by attaching receipts to the cover sheets. All receipts must be itemized and have the pertinent information as outlined in the ASUH Fiscal Funding procedures. 

      1. Physical receipts must be dropped off at the ASUH Office or mailed to us. We do not accept scanned versions of receipts.

      2. Digital receipts are accepted via email.

      3. Receipts must have: payment type, your name, itemized list of purchased items and the total amount.

  4. CLARIFY LINE ITEMS FORM (if necessary)

    • If the receipt lists items that may not be easily deciphered, fill out this form to clarify what was purchased.


    1. Examples can be found in the fiscal funding procedures packet above. If items were purchased with a credit card, provide a front scan of the credit card blacking out all digits except the last four as well as a copy of the bank statement with the relevant purchases highlighted. 

    2. If items were purchased with a check, please provide a copy of the cancelled check (can be requested from your bank) and a copy of the bank statement with the relevant purchases highlighted.

    3. If travel was involved, please provide the itinerary, booking confirmation, and boarding passes (if flight was already taken).


    1. Please provide a copy of your bank statement showing the full transaction(s) from each vendor.​

      1. Bank Statements must show:​

        1. Your Name​

        2. Finalized transactions that are highlighted (no pending purchases)


    1. If the bank statement shows a different name than the awardee (ex if the student is using their parent’s account or using a joint account with their parents), a memo stating the situation is required. 

    2. If the student purchases the items with someone else’s card (ex their mom’s card), they must submit a “purchased on behalf” memo. 


    1. Please complete this memo with your professor or department head if your research project is a part of your graduation requirements and not a personal project.​

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