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110th Senate, 2022-23

Senate Acts

Through Senate Bill writing, the ASUH is able to fund programs, services, support, events and advocacy efforts for students. Students may approach any Senate Member (except the President) to introduce Senate Bills (which becomes a "Senate Act" if approved).

Please contact the ASUH Office at if you have any questions, concerns or are looking for other public ASUH records, such as older Senate Acts. Upcoming Senate Bills can also be found on any Executive Committee Meeting Agenda.

 Click here to visit our Meeting & Agendas page to see our current and past Meeting Agendas.

Click here to visit our page on the ASUH Legislative Process to learn about how Senate Bills become Senate Acts.

107th Senate, 2019-2020

106th Senate, 2018-2019

105th Senate, 2017-2018

104th Senate, 2016-2017

103rd Senate, 2015-2016

102nd Senate, 2014-2015

109th Senate, 2021-22

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