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Become a Campus-Wide Committee Delegate!

Campus-Wide Committees are comprised of students, faculty, and administrators who make important decisions about subject matter affecting the entire UH Mānoa campus. This includes, for example, graduation requirements, student grievances, administrative hiring, and more. The ASUH Senate appoints undergraduate students to serve on these committees to represent the student voice in these important discussions. 

How to Become a Delegate

Depending on your assignment, the nature of your exact responsibilities may vary from those of other delegates. As an ASUH representative, however, your first and foremost responsibility is to advocate for the interests of your constituents. At a minimum, you will be expected to promptly respond to all relevant communications, regularly report information of student concern to the ASUH Committee on Internal Affairs, and attend all scheduled meetings of your assigned delegation or else notify the necessary parties in advance of your expected absence.

Pursuant to Senate Rules, the Committee on Internal Affairs is required to formally nominate prospective delegates before the President may issue any appointment. If you wish to be considered as a candidate for an open delegation, please complete a current resume to the ASUH Office (Campus Center 211A) or the Internal Affairs Chairperson at


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