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Constitutional Amendment (ConAm)

What is ConAm?

ConAm is an annual movement backed and conducted by ASUH that seeks to give representation to

part-time students (Those who are taking less than 12 credits).

Why is it important?

As it stands, part-time students have no form of official student representation. This divides them from full-time students as they are not allowed to participate in any event or giveaway hosted by ASUH. They are also not allowed to utilize any of the various types of funding that ASUH provides.


Voting YES on ConAm would:

  • Allow the ASUH Senate to represent part-time students

  • Give part-time students access to ASUH hosted events, giveaways, and funding

  • Allow part-time students to run in ASUH Elections

The Benefits of Voting YES on ConAm

To vote, you must:

  • ​Check your e-mail for the link to the survey

  • Copy the access code in the same e-mail

  • Vote YES on the survey

How do you vote?

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